Harry Lingard and Sharp Cutters' employee

Sharp Cutters Ltd has been manufacturing specialist cutting dies for board, plastics and textiles since 1985.  These dies are used by print and packaging firms across Yorkshire to cut sophisticated packaging and point of display containers. The firm is owned today by Tony Sterlacchini and Harry Lingard.

Recent investment in renewable energies and a brand new state-of-the-art cutting machine has increased the firm’s capacity and turn-around capabilities.

A Rising Stars business adviser helped Harry and Tony to develop a simple marketing plan and encouraged them to spread the word on their new investments.

Without an in-house marketing department, the firm opted to engage the services of local telemarketing company Tandem.

Project Development

Rising Stars helped Sharp Cutters to define their target markets and plan a four week schedule of activity. This included producing letters for existing customers as well as building a database of new prospects.

The letters were sent to a targeted list of prospective clients followed up one week later with a phone call to gauge feedback.

Tandem also called existing clients to build up a bank of testimonials that the company can use for future marketing materials. Paul Clarke helped to develop the script and the follow-up by the firm.

Results & Feedback

“The team at Tandem were extremely professional and took the time to find out precisely what Sharp Cutters is all about. They worked closely with our Rising Stars adviser to define our target market and develop a successful closing sales pitch. The person responsible for making the follow-up calls was also brought down to see the factory so that they could get a good understanding too. It was really very thorough.

So far, the campaign is working on several different levels. Not only are we able to develop our own database of contacts and potential clients, we are also ensuring our name remains out in the market place. The feedback from the calls also allows us to tailor our offer and understand the needs of our customers better for the future of our business.”

- Harry Lingard